Harleen Quinzel costumes

Updated : Oct 22, 2019 in Cosplay Costumes

The most popular Harley Quinn costume for Halloween

If you want to try new cosplay costume, then you should definitely try the comic character of Harley Quinn. Because this Suicide squad character Harley Quinn is the most popular Halloween costume which is beating the clown, zombie and devil. For Halloween everyone will storm in the street dressed with their favourite item of pop culture and character from the comic books and shows. This Harley Quinn character has always done well in cosplay and this character become main stream nowadays. Quinn the real name of her is Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel is a comparatively latest but particularly very trendy addition to the DC world. 

Harleen Quinzel costumes

This character was first established in year of 1992 by the warner bros batman cartoon series. Quinn started doing madly things and done plenty of crime in the city. In the original animated series her outfit was sports distinctive black and red dress. Later a year across the character made a transition to the DC comic book and represented regularly with different way and in the numerous outfits from cossuits.

Harleen Quinzel costumes

The types of Harley Quinn costumes

  • Suicide squad Quinn costume – In this she will have dual dyed blonde red and blue pigtails, and a ripped daddy’s lil monster shirt.  
  • Original cartoon Quinn costume – For this costume there is also kid friendly ready-made outfit.
  • Revamped Quinn costume – sexier version of character and all in one outfit is bustier and short trousers where in earlier incarnation her hair will be blonde and will be hidden by her cap.
  • Arkham asylum Quinn costume- In these medical credentials her character is portrayed as a sort of naughtiness.

Tips for the beginners which will help to get ready for the cosplay

  • Don’t get humiliated when checking the pictures of good cosplayer on online about cosplay. To avoid humiliate just consider the fun activity.
  • Use light weight material for the costume without props. You can use wood, plastic or foam as the material for the props so it won’t hurt you also in conventions they will have guideline for the type of prop. So no need to carry list of real weapons.
  • Pack the costume to the convention in one piece with efficient manner.
  • Get ready with to deal with the problems because it needs some alteration after you wore. Also use proper kind of undergarment for cosplay costume to look good.
  • Choose the cosplay costume at cossuits so you will find wide range of materials and sizes of costume with props.
  • Also be ready for criticism because if your costume doesn’t suit you and have any kind of miss lead in that then you will be center of criticism. But if you wear nice cosplay dress with best outfit then you will be praised by the people over there and you will be the center of attraction.
Harleen Quinzel costumes

Therefore, choose the most popular Harley Quinn cosplay costume for your event which will be very good and you will be center of attraction in the cosplay event.

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